Deck Fill Protection Device
Manufactured by Marsh Marine...Tank Cleaning Professionals         “Our experience is your protection since 1966”
FillGuard is designed to fit virtually any type or size deck fill.  Commonly, there are two types of fills, Ridged and Ridge-less.
Begin   by   first   examining   your   deck   fill   and   determine   if   the   area below   the   threads   has   a   narrowing   ridge   as   in   Photo   1   or   is   ridge- less as in Photo 2. If   deck   fill   is   Ridged ,   simply   insert   the   appropriate   FillGuard   into the   fill.      If   the   “T”   bar   is   too   wide,   snip   a   little   off   each   side    until   it fits   loosely   atop   the   ridge.      Use   the   scribed   guide   lines   on   top   as   a reference.      Cut   with   a   garden   snips   or   sharp   cutter   (see   Photo   3). Proper   fit   is   achieved   when   the   FillGuard   can   easily   be   removed with two fingers  (see Photo 4). Once   in   place,   FillGuard   prevents   inserting   the   filling   nozzle   until removed,   thereby   causing   the   user   to   confirm   the   correct   fill   has been selected (see Photo 5). If   deck   fill   is   Ridge-less ,   use   the   enclosed   stainless   ball   chain   and bail   fitting.      Cut   FillGuard’s   top   “T”   bar   close   to   the   base   with garden   snips   or   some   sharp   cutter.      Remove   the   deck   fill   cap’s safety   chain   retaining   screw   and   reattach   with   the   provided   bail fitting.      Use   super   glue   or   Loctite   on   screw   threads   to   prevent   screw from   loosening.      Do   not   glue   the   bail   fittings.      When   replacing   the screw   be   sure   not   to   over   tighten.      It   is   important   for   bails   to   pivot freely   about   the   screw   so   chains   do   not   tangle.       Pass   the   ball chain   through   the   bail   loop   and   the   hole   in   the   FillGuard.      Connect chain.      In   this   position,   the   FillGuard   will   pop   out   whenever   the   cap is removed reminding the user which deck fill is open (see Photo 6).
With FillGuard installed, your deck fill is now protected from accidental filling.
Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 6 Photo 1 Photo 4 Photo 5