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Fuel Additives...Continued: B iocides   fall   in   the   demulsifying   category,   and   I   suggest   avoiding   them   since   they   do   nothing   to   eliminate Asphaltene   contaminants   and   offer   little   to   enhance   your   fuel’s   quality.     Their   sole   purpose   is   to   “kill”   bacterial   and fungal   growth   in   fuel.      In   my   experience,   these   chemicals   are   a   total   waste   of   money   and   will   cause   far   more   harm to   your   fuel   than   they   do   good.      I   clean   diesel   fuel   and   tanks   for   a   living   and   in   the   hundreds   of   tanks   I’ve   done, organic   growth   is   very   rare.      I   would   estimate   one   in   every   hundred   tanks.      Secondly,   these   chemicals   will   cause any   growth   to   die   and   settle   to   the   tank   bottom   where   it   is   more   likely   to   be   sucked   into   the   fuel   system.      If   you find   water   in   your   fuel,   you   need   to   have   the   tank   and   fuel   cleaned,   simple   as   that.      Don’t   make   things   worse   by adding   any   form   of   biocide   agent.      Another   warning,   never   add   alcohol   to   your   diesel   fuel   to   “dissolve”   water. What   will   happen   is   the   water   absorbed   by   the   alcohol   will   mix   with   the   diesel   and   never   settle   out   of   the   fuel. Once   so   mixed,   it   will   eventually   cause   injector   failure   because   the   molecules   are   still   too   large   to   pass   safely through the injectors without damaging their tips. I f   you   are   not   currently   using   a   fuel   additive,   start!      Good   fuel   additives   are   cheap   compared   to   engine   repairs. Failure   to   become   pro-active   in   maintaining   your   diesel   fuel   can   be   a   very   expensive   mistake.      Price   a   new   style injector   or   fuel   pump   if   you   have   doubts.      Today,   information   is   the   one   tool   we   all   need   to   navigate   through   the maze   of   choices.      The   Internet   is   a   wonderful   source   of   information.      Use   it   to   seek   out   product   reviews,   test reports,   and   honestly   sound   products.      Don’t   be   fooled   by   fancy   labeling   and   unfounded   claims.      Stick   to established   companies   who   produce   additives   with   solid   benefits.     These   additives   will   provide   benefits   far   beyond their meager cost. O ne   final   comment:      Don’t   be   fooled   by   anyone   telling   you   that   using   a   fuel   additive   will   void   your   engine warranty.      There   is   a   Federal   law,   the   Magnuson-Moss Act,   which   basically   makes   it   illegal   to   require   a   customer to   service   a   product   with   a   specific   product   in   order   to   maintain   the   warranty.     As   long   as   the   treated   fuel   meets   the appropriate    fuel    specification,    the    manufacturer    cannot    deny    warranty    coverage    based    upon    your    use    of    an additive.      All   quality   fuel   additives   meet   or   exceed   recommended   fuel   specifications.      If   anyone   says   differently, get them to put it in writing and see your attorney!
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